Grow with MPR as It Changes to Journal Size

NEW YORK, April 11, 2017—Haymarket is excited to announce that its drug compendium, Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR), will be transitioning to a journal-sized (A-size) publication in June 2017. After 32 years as a digest-sized, comprehensive prescribing reference resource for clinicians, MPR is increasing the size of its print product to better serve its wide audience of healthcare practitioners and to enhance messaging from advertising partners. 

Monthly Prescribing Reference is heavily utilized and referenced more than 9.2 million times each month by clinicians looking for information to make the optimal prescribing decision for their patients.1 “By changing Monthly Prescribing Reference from a digest-size reference to a journal-size reference, we aim to increase opportunities for MPR to bring more informative and educational product messaging from to our audience of multispecialty physicians and prescribers at the point of care,” explained Jenny Ko, PharmD, Vice President and Publisher of MPR.  Pharmaceutical advertisements will be larger and, in turn, messaging will be more impactful. With the new journal-sized format, advertisers can save time, money, and effort in the ad creation and review process.  In addition, the new format will allow for the presentation of more news content and new product information coupled with the added benefit of being easier to use and read. 

Monthly Prescribing Reference has continually proven itself as a leader in keeping prescribers up to date on treatment modalities by providing the right information at the right time. More than 75% of MPR users are comparing drugs and making prescribing decisions when they consult MPR, and 87% refer to the publication at least weekly and more than 9 times per day.1 This frequency facilitates brand awareness and drives prescription lift through an audience that generates more than 23 million prescriptions each year. 2

MPR has evolved with the changing information landscape where drug references have become increasingly available via websites and mobile apps. Although digital resources provide clinicians with the prescribing tools that they need at the point of care, more than 98% of users report accessing the MPR print edition in their consultation rooms, office, or on their desk.3

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For more information, contact: 
Jenny Ko, PharmD, Vice President and Publisher, 646-638-6128

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