Haymarket Media Inc Partners with Decision Support in Medicine (DSM) For Deeper User Engagement

NEW YORK, November 18, 2016— Haymarket Media Inc has formed a partnership with Decision Support in Medicine (DSM) to integrate the DSM clinical decision support content into the 13 brands within the Haymarket Medical Network.

The DSM database covers thousands of diseases in multiple therapeutic categories, written by physician experts in each field of medicine.  The information is updated regularly to inform healthcare professionals (HCPs) with what they need to know before, during, and after a patient consult.  Every disease-specific section offers step-by-step recommendations and succinct direction on screening, diagnosis, and treatments—all of which is supported by the latest evidence-based data. Each section in the DSM database discusses the screening, presentation, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, recommended testing, treatment options and information for the patient and caregivers.

With this partnership, Haymarket intends to provide the HCPs that visit the brands in the Haymarket Medical Network with a more robust and comprehensive offering of clinical information when they are engaged with news and features about the same disease.  The DSM material will be integrated within relevant content on each of the Network's websites, where HCPs can navigate through this reference material and benefit from a deeper scope of clinical data without leaving the brand's website.  The expectation is that by supplementing Haymarket's content with a thorough reference like DSM, HCPs will be able to access quick and concise clinical data and more efficiently treat their patients.

“Our clinical brands already provide timely, evidence-based information to hundreds of thousands of HCPs each month,” said Jim Burke RPh, SVP of Digital Products at Haymarket. “We have also integrated a comprehensive drug database and, more recently, CME opportunities for HCPs into all of our brands.  The partnership with DSM is another step in Haymarket's commitment to deliver timely and relevant content to HCPs, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.”

For more information, contact:
Jim Burke, Haymarket, SVP Digital Products

Lewis Reines, DSM, President

About Haymarket Media, Inc
Haymarket Media Inc. (HMI), a global publication and communications company founded in 1957 with North American Headquarters in New York City, publishes titles in 23 languages and in more than 100 nations.

The Haymarket Medical Network reaches US healthcare practitioners through a multichannel environment that includes more than 13 unique brands offered across multiple formats (web, app, print, live), including: 

MPR, The Clinical Advisor, Cancer Therapy Advisor, The Cardiology Advisor, Endocrinology Advisor, Clinical Pain Advisor, Infectious Disease Advisor, Oncology Nurse Advisor, Neurology Advisor, Psychiatry Advisor, Renal & Urology News, Rheumatology Advisor, Medical Bag, and the ONA Nurse Navigation Summit.

The network benefits from its inter-connectivity, allowing users to move from brand to brand to discover the relevant content they need to make practice-related decisions.

About Decision Support in Medicine, LLC
DSM was founded by Lewis Reines, a leader in medical publishing for over 50 years, and the former CEO of 4 leading medical publishers. He published many of the cornerstone references in various specialties and has brought that experience and expertise to DSM, as evidenced by the editorial teams of its 20+ programs.



SOURCE Haymarket Media Inc