Haymarket Medical Network is a New Resource for Media Planners and Marketers

NEW YORK, June 27, 2016—Haymarket Medical is pleased to introduce the HaymarketMedicalNetwork.com website, a new one-stop shop for media planners and marketers to evaluate 14+ brands that reach a diverse network of healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties. 

HaymarketMedicalNetwork.com (HMN) will serve as a learning space and resource center for business partners that will provide timely and relevant information about Haymarket's medical brands and offerings.  Planners and marketers will be able to peruse news about Haymarket, review brand-specific metrics, retrieve contact information of pertinent sales representatives, and access Product Showcase slide shows that will highlight a unique offering each month.

Coupled with the HMN website, the Haymarket Highlights newsletter is now available for planners to subscribe to and receive company news covering product launches, digital and print offerings, and key metrics across all brands in the network.  Haymarket Highlights will showcase a featured educational slide show as well as a Sales Spotlight section that will introduce a new and promising addition to the Haymarket sales team and supporting staff.  Additionally, the monthly newsletter will offer stimulating articles and videos on digital media, advertising, and the pharmaceutical industry to provide planners with deeper insight into the industry's trending topics. 

Haymarket Medical is undergoing a period of rapid growth and change.  Jim Burke, SVP of Digital Products, explains, “Not only have we launched eight new brands for different specialties in the past 24 months, but we have successfully navigated the rapidly changing digital landscape, achieved high viewability and low Invalid Traffic (IVT), implemented a Supply Side Platform (SSP), and launched new targeted opportunities for each brand.”  On the topic of the new site, Burke further shares, “We have a network of brands that reach multiple professions and specialties—across print, digital, and live channels—and this new site is a resource for our marketing partners to learn about the many ways Haymarket engages HCPs and how they can work with us to reach them.”

Haymarket encourages you to visit HaymarketMedicalNetwork.com and subscribe to the Haymarket Highlights newsletter to keep HMN at the forefront of your business planning.

For more information, contact:
Jim Burke, SVP of Digital Products, 646-638-6087

About Haymarket Media, Inc.

Haymarket Media Inc. (HMI), a global publication and communications company founded in 1957 with North American Headquarters in New York City, publishes titles in 23 languages and in more than 100 nations.

The Haymarket Medical Network reaches healthcare practitioners through a multichannel environment that includes more than 14 unique brands offered across multiple formats (web, app, print, live), including: 

MPR—including Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Pediatrician, and Pharmacist editions—The Clinical Advisor, Cancer Therapy Advisor, The Cardiology Advisor, Endocrinology Advisor, Clinical Pain Advisor, Infectious Disease Advisor, Oncology Nurse Advisor, Neurology Advisor, Psychiatry Advisor, Renal & Urology News, Rheumatology Advisor, Medical Bag, and the ONA Nurse Navigation Summit.

The network benefits from its inter-connectivity, allowing users to move from brand to brand to discover the relevant content they need to make practice-related decisions.



SOURCE Haymarket Media Inc.