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  • Highlights:
  • March 2017: MPR set a new traffic record with 1,563,904 page views in March. It was the second time this year the site crossed the 1.5 million page view mark in a single month.
  • February 2017: MPR came close to equaling January's all-time traffic record with more than 1.4 million page views, which represented a 24% YoY jump.
  • January 2017: MPR crossed the 1.5 million page-view plateau for the first time in January, recording a 29% YoY jump. The spike in traffic was led by a combination of traffic to news articles, clinical content and drug monographs.
  • December 2016: MPR recorded more than one million page views in every month in 2016 for the first time in its history. In fact, the site averaged 1.3 monthly page views over the year's final five months. Page views per visit matched the site's record over the past three years in December as well.
  • November 2016: MPR set a new page view record for the second time in three months with nearly 1.4 million pages views. Traffic was buoyed by coverage of the US Psych Congress and IDWeek annual meetings.
  • August 2016: Established a new monthly page view record with more than 1.3 million page views in August (23% YoY growth). Page views per visit continued to climb since article infinite scroll was introduced and have increased by 13% since it was introduced.
  • July 2016: average page views per visit on articles soared to more than 2.2, representing a 27% improvement since the launch of infinite scroll on articles.
  • June 2016: saw a 25% increase in traffic to news articles due to its new infinite scroll functionality.
  • May 2016: saw a 21% increase in articles per visit from April to May due to rolling out infinite scroll functionality. This helped generate an 8% year over year increase in page views as the site continued to surpass 1.1 million page views in every month this year.