MPR Reformulates Its Website to Drive Engagement and Content Consumption

NEW YORK, June 06, 2016—In May 2016, MPR unveiled its newly redesigned website,, featuring infinite article scroll and a more user-friendly layout for MPR''s audience of healthcare professionals.  As more clinicians are relying on mobile devices to access information, MPR strategically created the new site with mobile-friendly features to ensure an optimal mobile experience. The recent reformulation of MPR's website was undertaken for the benefit of clinician and advertiser alike.  

The new achieves a modern and clean look and better embodies MPR''s mission of providing time-efficient clinical support by getting clinicians to their topics of interest faster. Content has been reorganized for streamlined navigation, with the addition of a more prominent and accessible search box for quick and easy drug search inquiries. Additionally, the infinite scroll feature drives deeper engagement around relevant content.

In the four weeks following the launch, MPR users have been engaging more with the site; articles consumed per visit in May increased by 21% since the previous month. This increased engagement is expected to continue as users become more accustomed to the new layout and navigation, as well as the infinite scroll feature. Implementation of infinite scroll offers a number of benefits to the experience. User retention increases with prolonged engagement in content, and visitors are exposed to relevant content they may not have found otherwise. With this easier and more efficient browsing style, the new aspires to make the user experience, above all, more enjoyable.

Jenny Ko, PharmD, Publisher, states, “At MPR, audience engagement is a top priority as we strive to ensure the easiest access for prescribers and other allied health professionals to the most up-to-date prescribing information, latest drug news, and time-saving clinical tools.  The goal is to create an online space where MPR users can continuously engage in relevant and trending topics.”

For more information, contact:
Jenny Ko, PharmD, Publisher, 646.638.6128

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